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Michael W. Osborn was born in Illinois and grew up in the country on the bank of the Kankakee river, not unlike Huckleberry Finn hiking, hunting and fishing, enjoying the outdoors. His family listened to country music and “blue grass” often, He hated it at the time but it would later have a big influence on him musically. When he was 13 his family moved to Woodland CA (near Sacramento), he started taking guitar lessons in school. By the time he was 16 he was performing regularly in local clubs as a lead guitarist in a country rock band. From there he went on to play in rockabilly and metal bands for years and played in church frequently.  In 1991 he played professionally for a couple years doing blues and classic rock and become influenced by the recently deceased Stevie Ray Vaughan. After taking a hiatus from music for a few years to focus on raising his children as a single father, Mike started back up again in October 2006 performing weekly and building up a network of musicians and music and re-establishing his reputation. Mike has received rave reviews on magazine, television and radio. Always performing with a raw "edge of the envelope" passion  and supported by the finest professional musicians, these shows are a definite must see. October 09' marked the release of his first feature album "Fire & Fury" (a term used to describe the energy of his live performances), a 10 track CD that is a unique blend of blues, rock, country and R&B. The original tracks on the album offer a rare glimpse into his personal views and thoughts on life. In 2014 Mike followed up with his second CD release “In the dog House” named after the studio he recorded it in. The 11 track CD was immediately heralded to glowing reviews. It showcases the musical growth and developing songwriting as Mike continues down his musical path. Mike uses Epiphone guitars and Egnater amps and GHS strings now.

Mike Osborn has been played on hundreds of radio stations worldwide. In the SF Bay Area, he has strong relations with several local blues stations.

His music has been downloaded online tens of thousands of times and he currently holds the #1 spot in the Blues/Rock category of Reverbnation's charts for the Bay Area. He reached #16 on the Roots Report radio popularity playlist after the release of his CD “Fire & Fury” in 2009 and in 2014 his second CD  "In the Doghouse" reached #1.

Mike was listed as #1 in the international European based chart “hit tracks-top 100” for week 51 in 2014.

Veteran hit producing R&B artist Lord Luther of the Four Deuces describes Mike Osborn as "blues with a bite" and dubbed him "Vanilla Soul".

April ‎08, ‎2013

by: Jane W. Miller


I have been pouring over the many things that have been written about Michael W. Osborn over the years. I am doing so to help find the element that isn't  there. In other words, what is the crucial and unique quality in him that just hasn't been put into words yet? There's been a lot of praise, but something's missing. Something BIG!  Well, I have found what that missing piece is. For all those people that know and love Mike and his work, it's far from missing, it's the basis of what it is. Somehow though, until now the essence of what makes Michael - Michael  has not reached the written page.  Here it is;

Combined with his Masterful talent as a Blues/Rock Guitarist -Singer/Songwriter - plus, his Commanding stage presence, Michael Osborn has the rare and innate ability to connect with his audiences in a passionate and emotional way. To hear his music live, is to actually feel who he is. AND, at the same time, to remember; the many positive things that you are. There is a magical quality that transpires between the hearts and souls of those in attendance, and Michael's. For many, it's nothing less than a spiritual experience. An Enlightenment, so powerful that most find it to be Unforgettable!









 mike @michaelosbornmusic